146- Building Powerful Relationships through Experiences with Jake Roehl

146- Building Powerful Relationships through Experiences with Jake Roehl

If you create experiences you can create powerful transformations and powerful relationships.

We underestimate the power of fun in our lives.

When I took my kids surfing in Hawaii the instructor told us that when we got up to make sure that we looked ahead of us, like at a palm tree. If we looked down in the water, that is where we would end up.

I love this, it fits so perfectly with my favorite saying, “You are where your attention is”

We need to set our intentions and not just let our lives govern us.

You’re just a different person when you have these experiences

There is a version of you that exists that you don’t believe exists right now, when that version of you gets to come to the surface and play and you can go back to your [regular life] and you’re like “yeah, I’ve ridden waves. I rode waves in Puerto Rico”

Jake Roehl

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Here is the link to a free tool they created called “The Map” : 
it includes audio recordings intended to “awaken” your inner athlete, adventurer, or child of God in 3-5 minutes.  Which ever identity you believe will serve you best in the challenge you’re facing. 

#046 Interview with Real Life Mom, Diana

#046 Interview with Real Life Mom, Diana

When you realize that YOU can be the change, YOU have the power to fix ANYTHING!

“It’s more about me than it is about him in a lot of ways.”
~ Diana

“Can You Fix Us?”

We were hoping that you could fix us and our parenting, change our parenting, and fix our teen.

There’s no magical fix. You actually have to do the work.


Defining Your Role as a Parent

Having the vision of “Who do I want to be as a parent?”, will empower you as a parent. When you set your intention, you are more likely to parent in alignment with your vision.

Explore, “Who do I want to be as a parent?” “How do I want to show up today?”

The change you are looking for is more about you that it is about your teen.

Diana’s Daily Practices

Vision Statement I read my vision statement every morning and decide how I want to be and how I want to show up for my kids.

I practice when it’s easy to build the habit and to be prepared for when it’s hard. I try to show up intentionally.

Connect with my kids where they are. I regularly talk to them and listen to what’s important to them. I drop my judgments. We don’t have to agree to connect.


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