#084 Daily Habits for Parenting Success

#084 Daily Habits for Parenting Success

Each day practice being the parent of your dreams.

My Top Ten Daily Habits for Parenting Success

  1. Set Your Intention Each Day
    • Last thing before you go to bed, set your intention for the following day.
    • First thing when you wake up in the morning, remind yourself of and commit to your intention.
    • Here’s some examples from my life.
      • Today I will listen with curiosity, patience, and love.
      • Today I will develop awareness around my emotions.
      • Today I will be fun, energetic, and engaged with my children.
      • Today I will learn a new way to connect with my 15 year old son.
  2. Commit to Connection Daily
    • Be 100% committed to connect to your teen.
    • Choose to love your teen.
    • Show them that you love them.
    • Show them that you are confident that they will be okay.
    • Let them know that you trust that EVERYTHING will be okay.
    • Connect with them right where they are.
    • Stay calm, listen, treat your teen with kindness and fairness, and do your best to let them know that you aren’t mad and that you love and care about them.
  3. Embrace the Moment
    • Far too often we are guilty of not being present.
    • Don’t try to avoid the moment.
    • Don’t try to fix, change, or improve it.
    • Be in the moment WITH your teen!
  4. Manage Your Mind
    • I like to use the Self-Coaching Model
    • I also like to use the Be, Do, Have Model.
    • I am starting to get into journaling and writing.
    • Sharing what I’ve learned with others.
  5. Trust Yourself, Your Teen, and the Process
    • This one is HUGE for me this year.
    • Trust will change everything.
    • You are exactly what your teen need, they are exactly what you need and want, and the process you two are experiencing is exactly what you need.
  6. Let Go Of Things Outside of Your Control
    • This is hard, but so powerful.
    • When you hold onto things outside of your control, you lose power and energy.
    • When you let go, you have more power and energy to put towards things within your control.
    • Let go of your teen’s model and manage your own!
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice
    • One of my favorite lessons, and one I came up with myself, is the “Wheel of Time.”
    • When you’re on the top of the wheel, practice and prepare for when you are on the bottom.
    • When you’re on the bottom of the wheel, just keep going and do your best to do what you practiced at the top of the wheel.
    • Life is all about practice and improvement.
    • It doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect.
  8. Be Willing to Be Wrong and/or Make Mistakes
    • One of the things that divides parents and teens is when one or both of them are committed to being “Right!”
    • Be willing to be wrong.
    • Let your teen be “Right!”
    • Be willing to make mistakes.
    • Be the example of what to do when you make mistakes.
  9. Be The Change You Want to See
    • This is one of my favorite saying and teachings.
    • If you want your teen to be something else, YOU Be that change!
    • If you want your teen to be more confident, YOU Be more confident in both your teen and yourself.
  10. Play to Your Strengths
    • Last but not least, play to your strengths.
    • Yes, you have weaknesses, and if you’re listening to this podcast you probably want to address your weaknesses, but trust your strengths.
    • God gave you strengths that are unique to you.
    • Trust them and use them!


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#084 Daily Habits for Parenting Success

#071 Your Teen IS Doing Their Best!

If you choose to believe that your teen is doing their best, it will change how YOU feel towards them.

Parenting is Hard, and That’s Okay!

First off, . . .

Go listen to this podcast.

This post will not do it justice!

I don’t plan out my interviews, so it’s I also don’t write as detailed a post on my interviews.

And, YES, . . .

Parenting can be hard.

I love how Tara mentioned that God gives us hard things to do to help up depend on him. Anytime I’m struggling as a parent, or even as an entrepreneur, I like to remember that God is giving me these struggles to remind me to depend on him.

Focus On What YOU CAN Control

It’s natural for parents to try to control their teens. When our teens were little toddlers, we had to control them.

Now that they are growing up, we no longer have the power to control them.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see parents making is trying to control things that aren’t actually within their control.

They try to control everything from how much time their teen spends on their phone, to how they dress, to how they interact with their friend.

Trust your teen to not only make mistakes but to learn exactly what they need to learn from that mistake.

Your Teen IS Doing Their Best!

This was my favorite part of the conversation.

Tara showed us the perfect example of how your thoughts create your feelings.

When she chose to think, “He’s doing his best!” she was filled with unconditional love.

Too often we choose to think, “They should be doing better!” which fills us with shame, guilt, worry, or fear.

Chose to believe that your teen IS doing their best!

It won’t change your teen, but it will change YOU!

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